internetstatsI was doing some research recently on internet usage – specifically in South Africa – and found some interesting stats that blew my mind!

And I realised if you are living in SA, there are 9 billion reasons why investing in and building a website is a good idea.

What? You can’t even count that far? Well, me neither!

But it’s true…, there are 9 billion reason to invest in a website, because 9 billion rand is the amount of money spent PER YEAR by business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce in SA.* In other words, people buying products and services via the Internet!

This is serious money. Spent by serious people…

And if this is the amount of money spend in only ONE small country, think about the money spend globally!

But let’s focus on South Africa as an example of some more mind-boggling Internet usage stats.

According to Internet World Stats* (2014), there are 23.6 million Internet users in South Africa – almost half of the population.

The biggest single age group is 30 to 49 years old – representing 42.9% of the online population. 18.6% is older than 50 years and about 30% is between 20 and 29 years old.

Thus, more than 60% of the Internet users in South Africa are part of the economically active population!

…and with an online spend of 9 billion per year they certainly have money to spend. (Whatever country you are in today, the stats will probably have the same trend.)

So in my humble opinion, I’d say there is some disposable income in there with your name on it!

BUT, if you cannot be found online, and if you do not have a website, you might be missing out on that income.


Apart from these mind-boggling stats – and before we get too overexcited about all these big numbers), here are 8 more practical reasons why you need to consider having a website for you business.


# 1: Your Clients / Potential Clients


Will potential clients use the Web to look for information specifically about you?

Yes, they will. Potential clients may hear about you from a friend or see your business card; perhaps read an article you’ve written or follow you on social media.

When people are curious to know more about you, they’ll probably do an internet search or try to find your website before they decide to contact you. Will they find you?


Will potential clients randomly search online for the specific services you offer?

Yes, they will. Doing some quick keyword research will reveal that tens of thousands (even millions) of searches monthly are done for the specific services or products you provide.





Will they be able to find you?

If you do not have a website, the chances are they won’t and you’ll have to pass this potential client opportunity on to a competitor who is online


Do your potential clients or target audience have web sites themselves?

If they do, they will without doubt consider the web to be an important business tool and might find it strange if you don’t have an online presence.


# 2: Your Own Business

Do you want to reach a wider client base?

A website is not geographically bound and can extend your reach. It helps you to increase your business footprint to attract potential new clients locally, nationally or even internationally?

Even when you have a purely services based business and only work with clients locally, a website can serve as a platform to diversify your income and or add additional passive income streams to your bottom line.


Do you want your business to project a professional image?

Off course you do…even when you work from home (and sometimes in your pyjamas – who needs to know 🙂) .

A well designed web site can project a professional brand to the world – no matter your office location or your clothing preferences.


Are you running on a tight budget and want to optimise marketing costs?

Creating a website, can be an initial capital outlay. Thereafter, continuous online marketing can be cost effective.

When you use your marketing efforts to drive traffic to your website, you can implement an effective lead capture strategy on your site, to trigger more business as well.


# 3: Your Competitors

Do your competitors have web sites?

The Internet opens up the availability of choices and many people love to “research and compare before they commit”. If you don’t have a website, but your competition does, potential clients cannot include you in their comparisons or decision making processes, and will probably go with who they find online. So you are losing out on potential income.

With a website you are on equal footing with you competitors and can inform and pre-sell interested prospects with all the reasons why they should rather work with you.

If your competitors do NOT have a website, you immediately differentiate yourself when you do have one. Plus it gives you the opportunity to attract web visitors (and potential clients) looking for those things you offer.


Are your competitors longer in business?

If you’re just starting out, a web site can help you to level the playing field. A well designed website gives the appearance that your business is well-established already and provides an added layer of trust.


So, this is what I want you to take from this article:

If you do not have a website yet, then evaluate your business and start taking action towards getting one in place.

If you already have a website – think about how you can refine and update it to help you stand out and attract more of your ideal clients.


To Your Success




Internet World Stats