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I changed my target market, decided on a more narrow niche, overhauled my website and got my first client

Before working with Francis, I had my website up and running and I thought I had my target market and niche figured out. I had the basics of my business in place but had no clients and couldn’t understand where I was going wrong.

Since working with Francis, I have completely changed the direction of my business. I changed my target market, decided on a more narrow niche and completely overhauled my website to make it more client-friendly. I was so excited to get my very first client from all these efforts! I implemented a new lead capture strategy and increased my number of email subscribers

I have benefited immensely from her program as I learned so much about what to do to market my business, how to create my website and why having a target market is important.

Francis is very knowledgeable about marketing and has many fantastic techniques on how to grow your business. She is a kind and caring coach that I recommend to any solopreneur who is struggling with what direction to take. I can highly recommend working with Francis!

Jillanne Holder

Social Media Virtual Assistant, Ocean Admin Solutions

I became more focused, methodical and directed in my business approach and even the community is benefiting from my ‘new business savyness’

Before working with Francis I was ALL over the place. I knew what I wanted but was not always sure of how to get there. She helped me put things, i.e. my life and business, into perspective and taught me to stop willy-nillying and get serious about moving forward if I wanted to reap the benefits of my work. I definitely take myself seriously now. I value my opinion. I’ve become more focused and my business has grown to another level.

I’ve learnt to be methodical and directed in my business approach – and this has spilt over into an NPO I founded, so even the community has benefited from my ‘new business savyness’. On the business side, I have more clients on my contact list, I learnt to keep it up-to-date, I’ve learnt to compile and distribute updates and have special offers without it appearing ‘corny’. My special offers are working! The NPO will be having its first fundraiser soon and it looks promising.

I enjoyed Francis’ hands-on approach and transparency and openness in guiding me! Francis’ frankness kept me focused and determined to succeed. Her ideas are refreshing and got me thinking about better ways to approach my business and even the NPO. For anybody who is thinking about working with Francis, I can say “Just do it!”

Amanda Sickle

Owner, Personalised Story Books

I could not have done any of this on my own

I had just bought my business & needed to get on with it. I didn’t have a clear direction of what to do to create the success I want and it was overwhelming. The timing to work with Francis was perfect as it gave me that level of assurance & knowing what needs to be done. It also certainly saved a lot of time & heartache by not having to re-invent the wheel.

Although it was intimidating initially, I managed to write an e-book; made critical changes to my website; are in the process to implement a list building strategy and have now many new ideas for networking and reaching out to my target audience. I could not have done any of this on my own.
Ntsoti Morojele
Owner, Nature Soap

Ntsoti Morojele

Owner, Nature Soap

I became more focused, and are now the proud owner of a women’s organization in Doha

I was new to the country and I didn’t know where to start. Francis gave me structure, amazing information and support to create a structure for my work and to plan my business and life in a more efficient way.

Her workable plans, valuable client attraction strategies and wonderful support uplifted my spirit and helped me to recognize and pursue new opportunities in front of me. I now have better time management, improved mindset, more focus , increased productivity and became the proud owner of a thriving women’s organization. All within 6 months after arriving in this new country.

It was hard work, but all good things need time and hard work.


Evry Eliaki

Owner, How Women Work

Now, I’m more organised and I’m more specific in my marketing.

I was struggling to get the ball rolling and was running around to find ways to get my business organized and to the next level. I was not sure who to work with, where to find clients and where to market my business.

After working with Francis, I am more organized. I know what I want, I know whom I want to work with and know what to do to achieve my goals. I am also more specific in my marketing and I’m now always ensuring that the message I send out compliments my marketing plan. Due to more focused marketing, my client base instantly increased by more than 50%.

Francis has a very practical way of teaching business skills, which makes the implementation thereof much easier. If you can work with Francis, do it! She will help you grow your confidence in every way … be it personal or business.

Marietjie Steyn

Owner, Marietjie's Macarons

I doubled my income in just over 3 months and it is still increasing

I started my Virtual Assistant business after being retrenched. Having been in the corporate world for many years I had all the skills but no direction or knowledge of how to market my business correctly. I needed help in getting it to the next level. Although the internet gave me some general advice, I required assistance specifically for my business and someone who understood my industry. Fortunately I spoke to a veteran VA who told me about Francis and she has been the most fantastic mentor and coach you could ask for.

She kept me accountable for my actions, in a gentle and understanding way. This was exactly what I needed. Francis has made me focus on setting up my business structure, identify my niche market, create a more interactive website, develop an effective and fruitful marketing campaign, generate a regular newsletter and lead follow up system. The best part was that it did not cost me heaps of money.

I have doubled my income and it’s still increasing. With her gentle persuasion and excellent recommendations I have been able to focus on being proactive and have become self-confident, which has opened up many doors. My new clients are impressed because they can see what I’m doing for my business and want me to do the same for theirs. It has been a win-win situation all round. Thank you Francis for the virtual butt kicking. It has definitely paid dividends and it was worth every penny.

Dee Matheson

Owner, DFM VirtualAssistant

I implemented 1 strategy and immediately got a new client and many new opportunities and possibilities arising from it

Before working with Francis, I was in the dumps and didn’t know where to start or how to go about getting more clients. Working with Francis however gave me more confidence and understanding of my business to take it to the next level.

I’m now more focused on the things that truly matter in business. By implementing only one of the strategies I learned, I got a new client immediately and can see many new opportunities and possibilities arise from it. My income has increased working with existing clients. My mindset definitely improved. I now have more self-confidence and also better time management.

What I enjoy about working with Francis is that she’s patient and communicates her knowledge well. She knows what she’s talking about. I also feel she understands me and the barriers I have. I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

Lynne Siebrits

Owner, KatlynVA

Let Francis show you how you too can take your online business from frustrating to fabulous.

I will more than triple my income over the next 12 months

I was unsure about how best to move my coaching practice forward in a new country and was becoming lost in all the options and possibilities. After working with Francis I received so much! I got the step-by-step REAL plan. I got huge clarity on what I needed to do next. Previously, marketing was a drag and something I resisted. Now I’m super energized, have a solid plan in place that will more than triple my income over the next 12 months.

Cynthia Moyan

Life Coach, Abundance Coaching QA

I gained confidence and signed on 2 new clients within 8 weeks!

When I started working with Francis, I was too shy and timid to say anything. I always thought that other people are better and smarter than me, which is not true. In the beginning I did not do enough to be successful, because I did not know what to do. I learned so much, not only how to have a successful business, but also about myself. My outlook changed, because my confidence grew.

Things have changed so dramatically in my life, that it is totally unreal. Working with Francis was an eye-opener. I suddenly got a structure to work from. I don’t expect work to come to me anymore. When people ask me what I do, I can tell them what I do. I am very proud of myself. I implemented packages for all my clients’ needs. I learned who my ideal clients were and what I could offer them. Now I can focus my marketing to these clients. I learned what my strengths are and how I could use it to benefit my clients.

Since working with Francis I got 2 new clients in less than 8 weeks. That was a record for me. My income is growing steadily, because I get more days that I am working than not working. I cannot say when last I was so busy. My clients are increasing, because people are getting to know me. I’m so thankful for all Francis has done for me.

Cobi Mostert

Owner, ACM-admin

Ruth found her niche and purpose and are now super confident to make her new business dream come true

It was a great pleasure working with Francis in her VIP coaching day. She is patient and have the ability to explain things really clearly so that anybody can understand. Before our VIP session, I struggled to find my feet. I had no clear direction of what I wanted to do in my new business and also where to start. I was afraid and lacked the confidence to go forward. After working with Francis for just 4 hours I’m feeling much more confident and I’m not afraid anymore to go into business for myself. She helped me pinpoint exactly what services to offer and who my target audience is. That narrowed my focus and drastically reduced the feeling of overwhelm. We mapped out my goals and a doable action plan to help me get started. Although there is a lot to do to in my new business, I can now tackle it one step at a time to reach those goals. Due to our working together, I found my niche and my purpose and will not allow myself to run away from it anymore. I’m now buzzing with excitement and super confident that this business dream of mine will come true. It was time and money well spent. Thank you Francis!

Ruth Simwanza

Carjolein started her business part-time and had her first clients within 30 days

Like a lot of people I had a “dream/idea” of being my own boss but I never knew how to go about it or if it was possible. Working with Francis turned a vague “dream/idea” into a workable plan and has given me confidence that it is achievable. Francis helped me to thoroughly investigate my initial idea and in the end I came to the realization that it was not the right field to pursue. I realized that I had to adjust my plans, but the skills and tools she provided has helped me to quickly and effectively identify and become clear on the steps I have to follow to plan my business, identify clients and their needs and promote myself in the most effective way.

Previously I was intimidated by the idea of marketing but I now believe that even I can do it! I started my new business part-time and had my first clients within 30 days. I plan to have my business at a level where I can pursue it full-time before the end of the year.

I would recommend for anybody who wants to have a services business to work with Francis. I think a lot of small businesses under perform or even fail because they don’t know all the right steps, who their clients are, and how to market effectively. They may be very good at what they do but don’t get their services to the right client. This is where Francis did a tremendous job as she skillfully applied her knowledge and programs to work with my specific situation.

Carjolein Nortje

Lash D'Lovely

Wendy got clear on who she wants to work with and signed on a new client long term

Since working on More Clients in 30 Days program, I had the opportunity to really think about what it is that I want, by defining what I do and who my ideal client is. I now spent more time looking at the qualities I would like in a client, and defining who I would like to work with. Thanks to the spot-on guidance, I’ve signed on a new client for a long term period and this helped to boost my confidence and reassure that I am on the right track. I especially found the section on service packages and rates very beneficial and as a result I can already see improvements in my business in terms of how I structure my services to offer a service “value” package instead of an hourly rate package. I also achieved 2 of my 5 goals already. Best of all I can go back, re-work previous sections, and track my business performance in future. Thanks for everything.

Wendy Burger

Owner, Admin Without Borders

I found my niche market, become more productive and feels more confident doing business!

I really enjoyed the More Clients in 30 Days program and would like to thank you for this incredible opportunity! It has given me much more confidence and made me realize that there were certain areas I needed to work on in order to have a great business. I have had such a lovely “a-ha” moment, as I noticed that there seems to be very little services aimed at my target market. They are in need of someone like me to help them succeed – so, thank you for allowing me to find my ideal clients and niche market!

I was a bit unsure whether it could work, but Francis’s guidance has definitely proved to me that I can work smarter rather than harder, and that my efforts will pay off. Some of the challenges took me out of my comfort zone, but I loved every minute! It was a great success!

I enjoyed all the marketing aspects and particularly found the pull marketing concept interesting. All the tools I received via this training made me aware of the importance and the possibilities of marketing my business correctly to my niche market. The program stressed the importance of not focusing on everyone, but rather on a specific market – which I found very useful. My time wasters have been identified and modified. I spend less time “not being productive”, and more time on different ways to do marketing.

Cindie Scheepers


Mariaan significantly improved her productivity and set up new client appointments

Before I worked with Francis, I targeted everyone. Now I only look for people in my niche market. I now have a better self-esteem and better results as I know who I want to work with and where to look for them. Especially the sections on preparing for the first client contact sessions, speaking to clients, and retaining clients was very valuable. There is also a vast improvement in my productivity – more routine, no more appointments in the morning for other things, and I spend at least four hours a day marketing. I already have appointments set up to do training / workshops later in the month.

All entrepreneurs struggle to get clients in the beginning and to get into a routine. Therefor I would definitely recommend they work with Francis.

Mariaan Cronje

Public Relationship Manager, Cronier Wines

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“I truly enjoyed the 6 free tips that Francis provides for getting online marketers started on building and nurturing a client base. Each tip contains great content that is easily understandable without being overwhelming – they are just the right length and don’t contain technical jargon that could easily discourage readers. Together, these tips create a great framework that makes you say “I can do this!” Thanks Francis!”

~ Dr Monique Y. Wells, Time Management and Productivity Speaker and Consultant, Getting Over Overwhelm

Congratulations on a job well done. The numerous resources you have provided have been an absolute help and I am excited at the prospects of the VA industry in SA and also thrilled to be part of this growing industry. The greatest thing is that I can identify with each and every aspect of the topics covered.” ~ Yolandi

One of the reasons I am really enjoying learning from you is your genuine philosophy of ‘service’, connection and relationship. It’s something that I find so rare in any industry today. I am utterly grateful for having found you.” ~ Riaan Stroebel

“The tips and hints you give are excellent and very helpful. Just what someone who works from home needs. You can feel isolated and un-motivated working from home, but your newsletters connect us with others doing the same kind of work.” ~ Liz Kenyon

The information and articles in Insight have been so useful and beneficial to my business and to me personally. The material which has been shared with me thus far has affirmed that I am on the right track and has consolidated the research I have done. Well done and keep up the tremendous support! I am honoured to be affiliated with you!” ~ Yolanda Smith

“Your email newsletters doesn’t only provide us with hands-on and practical advice which is applicable in our daily business, but it also provides us with the “hottest” and in-demand new skills that we can apply in our business in order to provide our customers with excellent service. Thanks for that!” ~ Yolande Koekemoer

“I enjoy reading your newsletters and often find points to ponder and enjoy analyzing my business accordingly. Well done!” ~Laura Bezuidenhout

“Thanks for the great advice and time you spending to put together this awesome info.” ~Ma’ayan

“I really appreciate the information you provide us in these videos- it’s invaluable. They also helps me to make decisions and motivates me to take action. May you stay blessed for being the blessing to many of us who just need a nudge in the right direction.” Neo Mosaase