Mentoring & Consulting

Are You Ready For More Clients & More Income?

Building a business to the level where you are satisfied with your efforts and where you can see the results of your hard work requires that you are clear on:

  • What you want to achieve,
  • Who you want to work with and
  • What will persuade clients to work with you.

Then, it’s about taking serious action to make it happen.

The good news however, is you don’t have to go through all the effort and hardships of figuring it all out on your own. Re-inventing the wheel is just a waste of valuable time, effort and money.

It is a lot easier (and much more fun) when you are shown the way step-by-step.

I offer various mentoring programs that will gently take your hand and guide you effortlessly through the processes of attracting more clients (via on-line and off-line strategies), so you can build a sustainable and profitable business.

Options to work with me:

Virtual VIP Day

Private 1-on-1 Coaching



 5 Life Changing Benefits You’ll Experience When We Work Together


#1 Getting CLEAR on exactly what to do next

There’s no better feeling in business than knowing exactly what you need to do next. Better yet, knowing exactly which steps to take, and in what order, to give you the biggest results with the least amount of effort is priceless.

When we work together,  I’m going to help you “see the light”. We’ll follow a systematic step-by-step approach that gets you to become clear on the basics of getting more clients.  This means no more guessing, no more trying things blindly, and no more confusion when you implement your marketing strategies to attract a consistent stream of clients.


 #2 Creating FOCUS on what is important

During our sessions, you’ll receive specific, results-focused guidance, advice and action steps that you can implement immediately to transform your business.

We work on crafting your marketing goals and create a step-by-step action plan so you can keep your focus to reach your goals consistently. In the process you’ll align your business activities to what really matters for creating continued success.


#3 Strategically POSITION your business to attract ideal clients consistently

 We work on positioning your business strategically so that you are in the most favorable position to attract your ideal clients. This entails examining exactly how you are currently positioned in terms of your clients and competitors and then aligning your business to meet your clients’ most pressing needs.

The correct positioning includes identifying and finding your ideal clients; creating an ideal client profile; determining your clients’ exact needs, fine-tuning your solutions and developing your USP  so that clients want to work with you.


#4 Confidently PROMOTE your services

You are great at what you do and you’re in business to make a difference and share your message with the world, right?

In order for you to step out with confidence, we’ll work on a marketing and promotion strategy that is the best fit for your specific business. We will create a marketing message to help you stand out and make clients take notice. We will diversify your marketing efforts using on-line and off-line approaches so you can attract more clients authentically and consistently.


#5 Create PROSPERITY in your business.

You are in business to make a difference in people’s lives, but in order for you to continuously do so, you need a profitable income.

We will work on effective ways to leverage you time and income  so you can grow your business faster and create prosperity, while doing what you love to do.


Are You A Good Fit For These Programs?

These coaching / mentoring programs might not be for everybody. Since we will spend a good amount of time together, we need to make sure we are a good fit.

Being an action-orientated and ambitions person, I am known to work best with other ambitious, action-orientated individuals who are willing and have the financial resources to invest in their business and in themselves.

I enjoy working with women solo-preneurs who have a professional outlook in conducting business, who are enthusiastic and deadly serious about growing their business and getting more clients. As I expect those who work with me in my programs to take consistent action and to implement new strategies, they need to be open to new ideas and be willing to sometimes step out of their comfort zone. All this is done with one goal in mind. Helping you create the results you want.

For this reason, I am quite selective in whom I work with on a one-to-one basis and I carefully choose not to mentor those who will not be a good fit for my programs. With due respect, people with a negative outlook on life or who are making regular excuses for not taking action or implementing changes, might not be a good fit.

So, as a first step to evaluate if we are a good fit for working together, I invite you to apply for a  no-obligation Discovery Session where we will meet via phone / Skype. During this session we will look at your business dreams and challenges and also discuss details about which program might be right for you to move your business forward effectively.

If you’re ready for more clients and more income in your business, apply for a no-obligation Discovery Session here…