Multi-Channel-Marketing600x399To grow your business with more clients, it is important to reach more and more people with your marketing efforts. It is common sense, right? Clients come, client stay, clients go away …and then those spots need to be filled with new clients…and more clients. So consistently reaching more people is a never ending activity for the lifetime of your business.

The good news however: It’s often easier than you think. But, it does require you to spend some time upfront to get more clarity about what you want and need to do.

So, here are 3 easy and straightforward (but absolute key elements) to incorporate in your marketing when you want to reach more people.

1. Create A Plan

It sounds obvious right, but it’s amazing how many people work without a well-thought-through marketing plan.

And whether you believe it or not, a workable plan can have an amazing impact on your business because it provides clarity, purpose, and direction on how to attract and retain clients.

What I found it that without a plan it is difficult to have continuity in your marketing and you often find yourself doing a lot of marketing…. but you do it haphazardly… a little bit here and a little bit there, without getting real and tangible results.

Implementing and working according to a marketing plan, however gives you the focus you need and keeps your marketing consistent. It furthermore keeps you accountable to do what you’ve set out to do and inspires you to achieve the marketing goals you set for yourself. All this enables you to keep momentum and consistently reach more people – thus increasing the probability of getting more clients.

So, if you are running your marketing blindly, perhaps it’s time to think about creating a plan to do it more effectively. And remember, your plan doesn’t need to be a long, boring document. It can be a simple 1 page document outlining the basics such as:

  • Who you work with
  • Where you’ll find them
  • What marketing methods you’ll use to reach them
  • When and how often you’ll use each marketing method.

The journey to reaching more people and getting more clients always starts with creating a plan and working your plan.


2.  Have a Multi-Channel Marketing Outreach

If your business is doing okay with only one or two marketing methods, that’s great! But, just imagine what you can achieve if you use five or six proven marketing methods consistently?

By creating a multi-channel marketing approach, you establish more ways for potential clients to hear about you and eventually enter your client pipeline.

An added benefit is if someone doesn’t respond to one of your marketing tactics, they might respond if you present that same offer to them in a different way. E.g. one person may totally ignore an email (because he is just not a reading type of guy), but he might jump at your offer when it is presented in a video he can watch.

A multi-channel marketing approach can include many different methods e.g. your website, blogs, emails, social media, videos, collaboration partners and JV’s, speaking, live events, referrals, the media, paid advertisements, books, articles and many more.

The idea however is not to implement every possible marketing method in your business, but to use the 5-6 methods best suited for your business and your specific target audience.

Using different marketing methods and having a diversified marketing outreach ensures you reach more of your existing prospects in ways that suite their style best AND it helps you to reach more new people that can enter your client pipeline.

And by the way… include these methods in your marketing plan to ensure you do them consistently


 3. Put Your Business In Front Of Large Client Audiences

Having 1-on1 conversations with prospects are great and often a quick way to get one or two clients fast. But, it is often a slow and time-consuming way to grow your business.

When you however put your business in front of large client audiences, it makes your marketing easier, more cost-effective and help you reach more people simultaneously.

The important thing here is to ensure it is the right audience.

It is therefore important to know who you want to work with. Once you know who your target audience is, you can identify local businesses that serve the same market segments or identify who else in your industry or in another industry is already speaking / working with that audience.  This gives you a change to form a collaborative partnership or joint venture with those individuals.

Contact these potential partners and offer to add something of value to their audience. This way you not only raise awareness of your business, but you reach more people and increase the likelihood that they will end up on your doorstep because they’ve heard about you from someone they already trust.

Also think about organisations, events or places where your target audience regularly hangs out and then ensure you are also present there.


So, here is what I hope you take from this article:

Consistently reaching more and more people to grow your client pipeline and your business is not really that difficult. The important things to do, is to:

  • Create a plan how you will do it…. and then work your plan.
  • Incorporate different marketing methods to give you more reach and leverage.
  • Reach out to possible partners who already did the work of gathering your audience for you.
  • Be present in places where your audience hangs out in large numbers.
  • Put yourself and your business in front of these larger audiences and wow them with what you can do for them.
  • You’ll be amazed at the results 🙂


To Your Success




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