locks1The purpose of a lock is to keep something secure.

If you have valuable belongings, you keep them locked up – you put it in a safe or in a bank vault or even in a locked wooden box under your bed.

Locks are also used to prevent someone or something to get in or out – like a yard, prison or a safety den….

But sometimes, the success of your business is also securely locked up.

In principle there are basically 2 kinds of locks.

There are locks that require a key to open and then there are locks that require a combination.

locksAlthough both locks have the same purpose, they are quite different.

For the one, you only need a single item, a key, to successfully open it. For the other you need a combination of numbers to successfully unlock it.

So which of these 2 are keeping your business success securely locked up?

You often hear people say: “I found the key to unlock my business success. It’s ….(a shinny object or the newest fad)”.

I however believe that in business it does not always work like that.

It is seldom just one thing that is needed to unlock your success. You cannot ONLY deal with a lock and key – one aspect of business. You most of the time have to deal with a combination lock – many different aspects of business – to successfully unlock your success.

But, here’s the problem with combination locks…

They require different numbers, and if you only have 1 or 2 of the numbers to a 3 number combination lock, you might spend endless hours trying different combinations to unlock it – often without success.

And even when you have all the numbers to the combination lock, you are still unable to unlock the damn thing. Why?

Because it’s not enough to have all of the numbers…

You need someone to give you all the numbers AND in the right order!


It is the same with business.

You cannot only rely on one aspect of the process or only have some of the elements required, because you might then still end up spending too much time trying to unlock your success.

You need to work on all the different elements and implement them in the right order, if you want to stop the struggle and find the success you rightfully deserve.

If you are tired running around in circles and are frustrated with not getting the results you want, it’s perhaps time to get the correct number combination for YOUR business and put it all in the right order to unlock your business success.

To Your Success




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