offlineVSonlineBuilding a business online is exciting!

After all, who wouldn’t want to get clients from all over the world and have sales come in while you are sleeping?

But, even though online marketing absolutely works, your best clients might be those directly under your nose.

There are still many people who don’t use the Internet to its full capacity and can only be reached offline. Thus there is a potentially large “offline” audience you can tap into. People that may never know about your presence online.

And by combining on-line strategies with creative off-line marketing strategies, you will build your business so much faster.

Here are 5 creative & cost-effective offline marketing strategies to complement your online efforts


1. Use The Media.

Believe it or not, your local media is probably just waiting for you to call them with a great story idea! And no, this is not about placing an ad in the local newspapers. This is about having a full-scale article about you and your business in the media. Newspapers, radio stations and magazines are always looking for stories to fill up their pages or broadcasting time.

Take advantage of it – it’s free!

Contact typical publications that your target market reads. Provide them with a newsworthy story or ask them to write a profile on your business. Talk about your services and especially what gaps you fill with regards to what your target market needs. Make it interesting and full of benefits to the readers to give them reasons to visit your website, or to contact you.


2. Network, network, network

Join networking organizations for small businesses. Attend events and meetings near you where you can find your target audience. Attend conventions, shows or exhibitions, or even just an organised social event.

By networking and joining groups, you get to know more people, have the ability to share ideas and knowledge, raise the visibility of your expertise and business, and create opportunities for getting new clients. Remember, networking is not only about getting clients. It is also about building a network of people that might refer you to others.

Thus, as you build your network of friends and acquaintances, always think about what YOU can contribute and how you can make the life better for others. In successful networking first be a giver, then you’ll become a receiver of good fortune coming your way.


3. Use “Snail-mail”

Traditional mail could be considered a little old fashioned these days, simply because sending an email is so easy, cost effective and measurable. The old way of doing it – writing a letter by hand, stuffing it in an envelope, buying a stamp and posting the letter at the post-office – seems distinctly primitive.

But the beauty is: it catches the eye and can talk to those who didn’t even know they were looking for your business!

Use traditional mail to send prospects an introduction letter about your business, an interesting newsletter, a thank-you note or a birthday card. The key is to start getting creative and to use snail-mail to rise above the clutter.


4. Put your web address everywhere

Got a car? Stick your website address on the back. Print it on the t-shirt you wear to the gym or the one you use for your morning jog. Print it on some promotional items link pens, notepads, keyrings, beer mats – anything you can think off.

The internet has greatly removed the need for you to print fancy advertisements or logos. Now all you need is to help people remember what to type into Google.


5. Speak to people

Many years back, face-to-face marketing was THE trend for promoting business. If you wanted to be successful, you had to go out and meet people to introduce your business.

With the onset of the internet it rapidly changed and business owners began to rely on email, telemarketing, and internet promotions to attract new clients.  No more going out, meeting people and speaking to them face-to-face.

But, when you just start out, face-to-face marketing is STILL the most efficient way of getting clients fast. And speaking to larger audiences – even better.

Imagine how impressive you’ll appear if you actually visit your prospects and take the time to talk to them and discuss their needs. You will definitely stand out. A little effort and time on your part can make a difference and send a strong message that you care enough to meet and talk with your clients and prospects.


When planning your marketing activities, the ultimate goal is to have all your marketing efforts supporting each other.

What I want you to take away from this article is to take some time out of your schedule, assess your current situation, take stock of your marketing resources and consider some ways where offline marketing can help your online efforts to take your business forward.

Then share with us below the offline marketing techniques you already apply or what you intent to implement / try out in future.

To your Success