dog-computer1As a solo-preneur, the #1 goal of having a website is to attract more clients, right?

When someone new lands on your site, you want them to stay a bit longer, browse around and when they like what they see, take some sort of action… calling for an appointment or signing up for your mailing list.

This however pose a huge challenge for website owners.

The reason?

Competition on the web is increasing daily.

You do not only compete with other websites in your niche. You also compete with Social Media, Email, Smartphones, Online Games, News sites… all designed to minimise the time people spend on yours!

And on top of that you also compete with the dwindling attention span of people these days.

According to recent research by the National Center for Biotechnology, the average attention span of people is about 9 seconds, and the average website visitor has an attention span of 3-5 seconds the first time they’re on your site.

Not very good news for us as solo-preneurs…

So to use your website as a client attraction tool, you have to grab your visitor’s attention within the first couple of seconds, because only when you have their attention they’ll be persuaded to stay a bit longer and hopefully take the action you want them to take.

So, here are 4 easy-to-implement tips to grab their attention and get them to stay longer.


1. Know Who You Want To Keep on Your Site

In the first 3 seconds when someone lands on your site they ask the questions:

  • What is it?
  • Why should I care?

…and you have to instantly answer these questions through your logo, your headlines, your images and eventually every word you write.

Knowing your target audience, who you write for and thus want to keep on your site…PLUS  understanding their needs, wants and desires, will make it easier to convey your unique value proposition in those critical first 3 seconds.

So, write your website with your ideal client in mind. The thing is, you don’t know where your visitors will first enter your site. It may be the home page of your website, a blog post, a sales pages or even your contact page. Every single webpage therefor has to convey the message of what you do, who you serve, what their problems are, and how you can transform their lives.


2. Use Striking Headlines

Headlines, and titles, are one of the most important parts of your site, whether it is on your home page, a blog entry, a standard web page, an article, or your sales copy.


Because your site visitors use headlines to decide whether or not to read further.

And if they don’t read past the headline, it doesn’t matter how good or bad your actual content is, it won’t get read.

So, write headlines that are clear, relevant, exciting and contains a solution to a pain point or challenge your audience have.


3. Make Your Content More Readable.

People don’t read everything on your site. They usually just scan the content. So help them stay longer and encourage them to continue reading by…

  • Breaking your content into shorter paragraphs;
  • Using subheadings;
  • Using lists and bullet points;
  • Formatting text with bold, italicize, and underline to emphasize important points
  • Creating more white or open spaces.


4. Use Relevant Images

Humans are visual creatures and images help your visitors connect and feel comfortable on your site. It is important to use images that are relevant to the content as it is a way to attract attention and help your reader to visualize the information in a simple way that makes sense to them.

Also select images that align with your audience because remember you want to grab their attention. Thus your images should be appealing to your target audience and not only to you.


Even though the odds are stack up against us in terms of competing with big brands and everything else out there that demands the attention of our ideal clients, these easy-to-implement changes can make a world of difference on your website to help you attract and win more clients through it.

So go out today and create a jaw dropping website to wow your ideal clients, keep them longer on your site and attract them into your client pipeline.

And if you’d like support on crafting a powerful and effective message that magnetizes and gets your web visitors to take action on your site, schedule a free Business Breakthrough Session. Let’s talk.

To Your Success





PS:  If you use other easy-to-implement tips and tricks to keep visitors on your site, Please share it with us in the comment section below.

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