Doubling your income, doubling the number of clients you work with, doubling your enjoyment of having a thriving business, doubling how you experience life… doesn’t always require a major overhaul.

Double your results: Set the intention, create the goal and get into action.

It only requires two simple things:

  1. Set the intention via a clear GOAL &
  2. Get into ACTION!


I believe that goals and taking action can take you beyond your limits to a world of unlimited possibilities.

But you have to set the right type of goals in order to take the right actions.

Many people set goals, and specifically business goals, that are “uninspiring” – goals to only get enough to pay the bills, to get by, to survive, to make it through the day. In short, many are caught up in the trap of only making a living rather than designing an enjoyable life.

The problem is that lousy goals will not take you beyond your limits into a world of unlimited possibilities.

You need to start dreaming bigger, and start getting clearer on the things you really want!

When we first set large goals, they may seem impossible to achieve. But the most important key to goal setting is to find a goal big enough to inspire you – something that will cause you to unleash the power within you.

The way I usually know I’ve set the right goal is when it seems impossible but at the same time it’s giving me a sense of crazed excitement just to think about the possibility of achieving it.

For me, achieving those big goals is like building a 2000 piece puzzle. (Oh, did I mention I love puzzles? LOL).

So, let me explain….

Imagine trying to solve a 2000 piece puzzle without looking at the picture on the box. I bet it will be an extremely difficult task and you might even give up at some stage. But when you have the puzzle picture right next to you, solving that puzzle becomes a whole lot easier.

It is the same with setting and achieving your goals for this year and beyond.

When you think about what you want for your business this year, it might be to achieve a certain level of income; or work with a certain number of clients per month; or create a new way of serving clients; or…[fill in your goal].

That is your puzzle picture.

That is the picture you must keep in your mind so that it can direct all your actions.

And then equally important is to really look at this picture so that the details can become more and more visible.

Because when you are clear about what you want (i.e. when you have a clear picture of your dreams and your goals) and are really inspired on achieving it, your brain has an amazing power to pick up information and decipher opportunities. You then become hypersensitive to strategies, ideas, people and plans that can help you meet those goals.

But having that clear picture about your goals is not merely enough.

It is also necessary to take persistent action on all the opportunities, strategies, ideas and plans that present themselves to you.

Let’s go back to our puzzle example to illustrate this.

You see, if you’re just staring at, and admiring the picture on the puzzle box, and taking in all the beautiful details, the puzzle can’t be completed.

You need to take action, empty the puzzle box on a table and start turning over the pieces one by one.

Only then can you slowly start building the puzzle, one piece at a time.

In the beginning it might seem like an impossible task and you might try to put pieces together that just don’t fit.

But when you persist and consult the puzzle picture regularly, you’ll start taking in the details and you’ll start to look for, and find the pieces that obviously fit together. Only then a small recognizable piece of the overall puzzle will start to take shape.

As you progress with one piece at a time, the bigger picture unfolds and eventually the puzzle on the table represents the picture on the box.

That is when you achieved your goal.

Tony Robbins says that: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. It is the foundation for all success in life.”

So take that first step in doubling your results this year.

Set the goal.

And then, follow up on it with consistent action.

Remember, your goals provide a magnificent direction and a way to focus your attention on those things you regard as important to you. Keep it at your side – just like you’ll keep the picture on the puzzle box next to you when you solve a puzzle.

No goal or dream for this year is impossible. You can do it!


Here are some practical action steps to help.

  1. Grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite drink).
  2. Find a quiet place and start dreaming about your business (or your life). What do you want your business to be like in future? What would you like to have? Don’t limit your thoughts – just dream.
  3. Put in some details. Build on that dream and get a clear, vivid picture of it in your mind.
  4. Put all your thoughts on paper or create a visible vision board.
  5. Keep it close where you can consult it every day.
  6. Create a couple of shorter-term goals. Goals that excite you and will move you closer to that dream.
  7. Decide what is the first step (or next step) you can take TODAY to put you on the journey of achieving that goal.
  8. Then go out and DO it.
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until you reach that goal.
  10. Finally. Enjoy the journey!!

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